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giovedì 4 ottobre 2012

Tutorial: how to create wedding favor bags

Here is for you a new tutorial on how to create simple wedding favor bags for your friends who are not invited to your wedding reception, but you would like to thank them for their presence during the ceremony in the church or to give them a small souvenir of your wedding.
First I took small and white shells, all of them of the same shape, since these are marine-themed favors  as the wedding. Then I  painted the shells with a pink polish and I let them dry thoroughly.
Pink polished shells
I bought white bags for sugared almonds, with white ribbon to close them and I glued each pink seashell on each bag, using hot glue and making sure that the shell will stick well only on one side of the bag.

Bag with shell
Bags ready to be filled
I waited until each bag is completely dry, so I arranged them in a basket, set well apart from each other. After that I placed cards with the names of the bride and groom and the wedding date inside each bag. Then the bags are ready to be filled with sugared almonds: in particular I put 5 heart-shaped sugared almonds filled with chocolate. Then I closed each bag with a pretty ribbon.

Bags filled with sugared almonds

Detail of the bags

And here are for you some simple and nice marine-themed favors as a gift for your friends!

See you soon with other tutorials!

Stay tuned!

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