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martedì 9 ottobre 2012

Luxury Wedding

The wedding that I'm going to describe today was very challenging because there were more than 300 guests.

After having placed the booklets to follow the ceremony, we welcomed guests outside the church, inviting them to take a sit. The groom arrived with a wonderful vintage car, while the bride arrived in a carriage drawn by white horses, with her green-dressed bridesmaids, who arrived in a white limousine.

The horses-drawn carriage

The vintage car

After the ceremony we distributed bubbles and rice to all guests. We gave also ribbons to be put on their cars and the map to get to the restaurant. To thank all the people of the country we gave favors to anyone who came along, as a small gift by the bride and groom. As soon as the couple walked out from the church, there was an explosion of rice and bubbles that enveloped the couple in a magical atmosphere. We have also prepared a large balloon containing small balloons that flew up, when the newlywed couple blew up the large balloon, painting the sky with green and white, the theme colours.
At the restaurant a buffet awaited the guests and everything was theme-decorated, where the green was the predominant colour.

Floral arrangements

Floating candle in green water

Candles and petals

Centerpiece with white roses and gypsophila

The dining room

The bridal couple's table

We gave a placeholder card to all the guests following the indication on the Tableau de Mariage and we escorted each guest to its place. Each table was identified by a different colour.

Tableau de Mariage

We prepared the table for the sugared almonds buffet, using white and green decorations. Even the sugared almonds were in these two colours and in 6 different flavors: Black Cherry, Torta Caprese, Ricotta and Pear, White Chocolate, Walnut and Coconut. As soon as the guests approached the buffet, we prepared a green organza bag for them, containing a taste of sugared almonds.

Sugared almonds buffet

Detail of the candy buffet

After the wedding cake we distributed the wedding favors, which were bespoke for each family.

Boxes with wedding favors
Guest book

The bride and groom and their parents were very happy with our work and to receive their compliments and thanks was really a great pleasure.

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