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lunedì 29 ottobre 2012

Scalford Hall Wedding Show

Hello everyone! Here, finally, the pictures of my exhibition at Scalford Hall on October 14. I can say that it was a success! People were very interested and it was also for the Wedding Artist  and Wedding Designer Daniela Rota Nodari's contribution. In fact she came from Milan to help me setting up this exhibition and for presenting the prestigious  handmade creations using high quality materials of her Dream Shabby Chic Atelier, of which I'm a promoter here in UK. We started very early in the morning and found a spring day that stood out even more the beauty of this country style location, surrounded by a 12 acres garden.
Scalford Hall

The garden

There were more than 20 exhibitors from all over the Midlands and we were there with our Made in Italy!
The exhibitors


And here is my stand!
Forever Wedding Planner's stand

In addition to the Shabby Chic wedding favors, I had two computers and a digital picture frame with sliding photos of other Italian favors, of which I'm the promoter as well, photos of Italian weddings and photos of locations in Italy.

Forever Wedding Planner explaining to an interested couple


Daniela and me

But we do not stop here! See you soon with the description and photos of the upcoming exhibition in Alfreton Hall!

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