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sabato 3 novembre 2012

Angy's Creations

Today I'd like to tell you about a very good italian artist, a woman who creates crochet items and makes them with so love and passion. Angy is her name and now I will show you some photos of her handmade creations and using high quality materials. For those who are looking for the real "made in Italy" and love custom objects that remind the precious things of the past, handmade with love by our grandmothers for us.

Cute purse 

Christmas bell

Crochet candy

Nice basket

Elegant cone for sugared almonds

Christmas cone

Rings for napkins, crochet butterfly and crochet cupcake

Cake shaped box and felt biscuits

Crochet butterfly as favor

Crochet purse with cord

Crochet earrings

Crochet bags with handwritten name of the bridal couple

All designs are customizable for every event and every occasion, in a variety of colors and decorations. They are entirely handmade, using high quality materials, so every creation is unique and exclusive. These creations will be displayed at the "The City Rooms Wedding Fayre" exhibition which will take place next Sunday, November 4 and are possible awards for the "Christmas 2012 Competition's" winners. 

compliments to this great artist!

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