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giovedì 1 novembre 2012

A special dinner for Halloween

A wedding planner is used to organize not only weddings, but also each kind of event and parties in general, such as birthdays, christenings, wedding anniversaries, stag parties and hen parties etc. ... So I could not miss the opportunity to create something special for Halloween!
First, I went to the market to buy the absolute protagonist of this festivity: the pumpkin!
The pumpkin

Then I decided to give her a face, drawing in pen eyes, nose and mouth!

Yeah, I forgot that in addition to the Halloween pumpkin, black cat also is necessary!
Then I took a sharp knife and began to carve the pumpkin along the borders drawn in pen. It's a delicate passage, so be careful with your fingers!

Finally you can decorate your pumpkin as you prefer, for example with a nice scented candle!

 And now it's time for dinner!

I got some round crackers  and I put the cheese over them. I cut the frankfurter into round slices to make ears, with capers I made the nose and using grains of black pepper I made eyes. But what came out? Some nice and delicious mice!

Mice of cheese
I took some soft sandwiches and  I filled them with mayonnaise, lettuce, tomatoes and ham, but you can put in whatever you like! I fixed the frankfurters with two toothpicks, placing them on top of the sandwich, to create the ears. I cut into round slices black olives and I fixed them with mayonnaise to make eyes. I made the nose with a round and thin slice of frankfurter, I made two little holes for the nostrils and I fixed them with mayonnaise. Here are some delicious piglets!
Piglets sandwiches
I roasted some frankfurters in a pan. I engraved them up to about half in the sense of the lengt, to create the tentacles. Then I attached two grains of black pepper with mayonnaise to make eyes and I have laid them on a bed of salad and ham. Here are some delicious octopus!
Octopus frankfurters
I bought Babybel cheese and using a knife I engraved the peel of wax, giving a circular shape, to get the muzzle. It's a bit complicated and Babybel who did not come perfect were sacrificed  :)
With the knife I made round holes on the back to create the dots and with black pepper I made the eyes. Here are some lucky charm ladybugs!
As finishing touches I got a full of sweets pumpkin, candy necklaces, chocolate skulls, chocolates filled with cream and strawberries in the shape of eyes.

Chocolate eyes filled with cream and strawberries

Candy necklaces
Chocolate skulls
Pumpkin with tricks
And now... the decorations!

Ghost candles

Pumpkin with candles and orange roses

The table

Trick or treat? Happy Halloween to everybody!

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