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martedì 25 settembre 2012

Wedding at Villa Grabau

Here is another special wedding made in Tuscany that was a real great success and I'm proud of having worked on it. The wedding took place at Villa Grabau, one of the most famous villas in Lucca of the Renaissance. My colleagues of the ilbiancoeilrosa and I went very early to the villa to set it up.

Villa Grabau
 Villa Grabau's gardens

The theme of the wedding were the cakes. The tables were then identified  with the name of a cake each: Saint Honoré, Apple Pie, Sacher, Paradiso, Delizia, Caprese and we put on each table white and pink decorated cakes with the name of the table as identification. Even the tableau de mariage was a huge decorated cake and we placed it on a table so as to divide the buffet area from the dining room. The placeholders were cookies in the shape of cakes, good to eat, so as to be a delicious gift for each guest. We placed a bigger cake on the bridal couple's table, the Cheese Cake table. We then rolled towels placing them in the menu and positioned the placeholder biscuits in each plate.

Placeholder biscuit

 Placeholder biscuit and towel in the menu. At bottom, the cake identifying the table 
Tableau de mariage
As soon as the florist came to give us the garlands as centerpieces, we placed them on each table and around the candles, which illuminated the whole ambience with their soft light. In addition, were also placed pink and fuchsia lights, to create a characteristic play of lights under the arches of the Limonaia.

We placed citronella candles all along the path of the Villa, so as to make it bright for guests as soon as the sun had set.

Decoration of the table
Candles along the path

Fuchsia lights in Limonaia

After dinner we set up the table for the candy buffet, with a tasting of candies-flavored Espresso Coffee, Almond, Torta Caprese, Champagne and Lemon Delizia. We set up the table for the wedding cake outside on the lawn of the Limonaia and decorated it with rose petals and candles. We handed sparks out to each guest for lighting them especially during the cutting of the wedding cake, so as to recreate a romantic and full of emotions moment.

The cake was fabulous for its beauty and taste, creation of the famous Le Torte di Toni.

The candy buffet
The table for the wedding cake
The wedding cake
We set up the table of favors also outside, using floating candles and roses and the guest book to leave nice messages to the newlyweds.

 The table of favors

Guest book

And also this time everything was perfect, signed ilbiancoeilrosa, which is a guarantee!

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  1. Wonderful wedding blog sites. the background pics is very cute. Then the wedding cakes is also very nice.

    1. Thank you very much John! Your comment makes me really happy!