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sabato 22 settembre 2012

The wedding of your dreams

After a long year of planning, finally the Big Day came! It was very funny to organize everything in details and I'm really pleased the guests enjoyed their time and had much fun. Everything was perfect, just as I wanted and I received many compliments. The wedding was marine-themed with butterflies: pink, orange and blue were the favorite colors chosen by the bride and groom. At the bride's house the florist mounted a magnificent arch with roses, ribbons and butterflies, that after the leaving of the bride, was delivered to the restaurant.

Arch at the bride's house

The bride under the arch
Detail of the arch

The arch at the restaurant

The bride chose a long cascade bouquet, with flowers of the same color of all the decorations and of the bride's make-up. Butterflies were put everywhere, even in the bride's hair.

Long cascade bouquet

Bride's hairstyle with gypsophila and butterflies

In the Church were created floral arrangements with canes, sterlizie and anthurium, while baskets containing rice, ribbons for cars, maps to get to the restaurant and two ornamental plants were placed outside the door of the Church. Baskets and plants were decorated with roses and colorful butterflies.

Decorations in the Church

Floral arrangements

Floral arrangements next to the bridal couple

Decorations outside the Church

Basket for rice

Ornamental plant outside the Church

While the bridal couple went around for doing their photo shoot, the guests went to the restaurant for having a wonderful and rich aperitif on the beach.
The whole location was theme-decorated: ribbons in white organza tied with colored raffia and  candles were placed along the path that leads to the beach from the restaurant. The  marine-themed centerpieces were with seashells, sand, fresh flowers and butterflies.



Buffet area

Detail of the dining room

Floral arrangement


Butterflies descended from the ceiling and were also put on the curtains and around the buffet area. The tableau de mariage was marine-themed: each table was represented by a tropical fish, which was also placed in the center of each table as identification. Multicolored butterfly were used as  placeholder  and marine-themed menus were placed on each table for each guest. On the bridal couple's table was placed a large floral arrangement, two large hearts and butterflies and on the back.

A table

The lounge with the bridal couple's table in background

The lounge

Decoration behind the bridal couple's table

Floral arrangement on the bridal couple's table

Bridal couple's table indicated on the tableau de mariage

Tableau de mariage

Detail of a table on the tableau de mariage

Bridal couple's table

During the party

Detail of butterflies descending from the ceiling

Centerpiece with a fish as identification of the table

Detail of the tableau de mariage

Detail of a butterfly around the buffet area

Details of the decorations around the buffet area

After the aperitif on the beach the guests went to the outer room of the restaurant for having a rich buffet of delicious and decorated appetizers.
The dinner was held in the dining room and it was really appreciated by everyone, not only for the quality of courses, but also for their presentation.
Carved watermelon

Cascade ham

Shrimp cocktail

Ham and melon

Detail of decorated watermelon

Detail of floral arrangement on the bridal couple's table

Detail of a centerpiece

The guests enjoying the buffet
After the buffet the guests took their seats at their table, following the directions on the Tableau de Mariage. They were served with two first courses, two second courses, seafood and meat, lemon sorbet, red wine, white wine and drinks.

The whole evening was accompanied by the voice of a singer with a specially selected repertoire chosen by the bride and groom, containing italian, neapolitan and international songs. The guests enjoyed themselves dancing and singing at the karaoke.

Even during the cutting of the wedding cake the wishes of the bridal couple were fulfilled, putting the music of their choice as background, as well as during other special moments. So the music desired by the bride and groom was always present as soundtrack for the best moments.

Moreover a table was set up for a tasting of various flavors of sugared almonds: chocolate, smarties, tiramisu, baba and cream, rum, sicilian cassata.

The table of sweets was decorated using an orange net, butterflies and flowers. Baskets and glass jars were used to hold the sugared almonds and red hearts to specify the different tastes. The guests could fill  special cones with their favorite flavors.
Detail of the table of sweets

Table of sweets

The wedding cake

The cake topper
A table was set up for the wedding favors using a net, shells, ribbons, colorful butterflies and a floral arrangement with canes.

The evening continued on the beach with the romantic launch of  lanterns, where all the guests had fun for lighting and throwing them high in the sky.
Table of wedding favors

Launch of lanterns

The wedding ended late after disco, which entertained the bride and groom and their guests during the night.

This is just an example of wedding organized in detail by a Wedding Planner to emphasize once again that having a Wedding Planner makes the difference!

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