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venerdì 21 settembre 2012

Tutorial: how to create a Tableau de Mariage

Here is a short tutorial for you on how to create a Tableau de Mariage. In this example, I'll show you a Tableau for a wedding on the beach. First of all, I've got a big cardboard, which I made ​​even more rigid covering it with several layers of glue and toilet paper. I chose a very large Tableau, then the carton must be very solid and should not bend. I let it to dry for a couple of days, then it's ready to be painted. I chose to use watercolors, so I started to paint the sea as the background of my Tableau.

My Tableau at the beginning

I tried to reproduce the waves of the sea with its blue and green shades

Me at work!

So hard to get to the bottom!

Once painted and let it to dry thoroughly, I glued shells on my Tableau, using the hot glue. Then I bought some blue and white bath sponges, I cut them obtaining nets that I have stretched and glued on the Tableau as fisherman nets.

Shells and nets

I searched on internet for colorful images of tropical fishes, I print them on glossy and stiff paper and I cut and glued them on the Tableau using hot glue. Each fish will be indicative of a table at the Restaurant. The table of the bride and groom was a shell with a white pearl inside and I placed it on the highest part of the Tableau. The tables of bridal couple's parents and close relatives were both indicated by two different shells. I pasted them next to the table of the bride and groom, one on the left and one on the right. Further you go from the shell with the white pearl, the more the relationship decreases and you can find tropical fishes showing tables with relatives, friends and colleagues.

Table of the bridal couple
Table of the groom's parents and close relatives

Then I printed the same fishes, but smaller and double faces. I cut and glued the double faces, inserting a wood stick between them. I'm going to put these fishes on each table, placing them in the floral and marine-themed centerpieces.

And here's the marine-themed Tableau de Mariage for you!

I hope this tutorial will be useful if you would like to create your Tableau by yourselves. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask! The next tutorial will be on how to quickly create simple wedding favors for your friends!
Stay tuned!

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